Time: A Resource to Steward, Not to Squander (Sermon)

Sunday, July 28, 2013 • Listen here —> Time: A Resource to Steward, Not to Squander (Eph. 5:15-17)

Main idea: Time is a God-given resource—a resource to steward, not to squander. Although it is limited, the problem is not the amount of time we have as much as it is how we use the time we have. So, what will it look like for you to make the most of your time?

  1. We need to make an honest evaluation.
  2. We need to answer a critical question.
  3. We need to consider a practical solution.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  • Have you ever considered time as a gift? How does that affect your view and value of time?
  • What difference would it make if you were able to spend more of your time on your life priorities?
  • What is your strategy for planning/investing/budgeting your time?  Why is it important to get control of your calendar and to keep your saw sharp?
  • How did Jesus’ life priorities provide direction for his use of time?

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