Fruitful Parenting Seminar Info.

Creekstone is hosting a free parenting seminar led by Kristy and me this Sunday evening at the Dahlonega Market Place on the Square from 5:30-7:00 p.m. Childcare will be available at the Creekstone offices. Please note that space is limited.In this seminar, many practical parenting issues will be covered, including:The difference between behavior modification and … Continue reading Fruitful Parenting Seminar Info.

Lessons from the Mission Field: The Top Ten List

Mary Ann and David Taylor are Creekstone's missionaries in Tanzania, Africa. Mary Ann has learned some significant lessons while being in Tanzania—lessons that just might come in hand some day for any of us. Here is her top ten list: Flipping a light switch doesn’t necessarily mean the light will come on. A dishwasher is … Continue reading Lessons from the Mission Field: The Top Ten List

Could Social Media Be Destroying Community?

Despite all of the good that can be done with social media, this short, two-minute video has made me rethink how technology, while allowing us to connect with more people more broadly, may be preventing us from connecting to anyone very deeply. And notice how smartphones bring out the self-promotional narcissist in us. How far … Continue reading Could Social Media Be Destroying Community?

Welcome New Members!

Welcome Creekstone's newest members! They were introduced last Sunday. Nick Smith Whitley Dover Joe Nowland Emilie and Eric Langer (with daughter, Aubrey... brother Andrew's arrival is expected in late November!) Jordan and Jeremy Moore (with daughter, Ruthie) Kathryn and Stan Jordan (with daughter, Ramsey) Katelyn Reeves Mark Steely Kandi Ledford Sue and David Miller Rebecca … Continue reading Welcome New Members!