The Melting, Conquering, Transforming Power of the Cross

cross with sunsetThis quote from my friend, Charles Spurgeon,  gives me great hope in preparing to speak of Jesus this Sunday for Creekstone!

“Oh, the power, the melting, conquering, transforming power of that dear cross of Christ! My brethren, we have but to abide by the preaching of it, we have but constantly to tell abroad the matchless story, and we may expect to see the most remarkable results. We need to despair of no one now that Jesus has died for sinners. With such a hammer as the doctrine of the cross, the most flinty heart will be broken; and with such a fire as the sweet love of Christ, the most mighty iceberg will be melted. We need never despair for the sinner; if we can just find an occasion to bring the doctrine of Christ crucified into contact with them, it will yet change them, and Christ will be their King!”

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