My Money Flows Freely to What I Love Dearly

givingheartsBefore Newsweek folded as a print magazine last year, it ran an article a reporting that after a period of cutting back Americans are starting to spend again—whether we can afford it or not. Some experts call it “frugality fatigue”—in other words, we’re weary of cutting back, and we’re ready to splurge again.

But don’t we all have the urge to splurge? Even for the most thrifty, there is something that we splurge on. Hair products. Cosmetics. Shoes. Clothes. Electronics, smart phones, apps. For some it’s food, ice cream or kitchen utensils. For others, fishing gear, camping equipment, cycling, running, or specialty coffee drinks like that venti, non-fat, half-calf, vanilla soy, double shot, no whip Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. Maybe it’s home decor, iTunes music, movies, books, or the all-time favorite, grandchildren.

We ALL SPLURGE on SOMETHING! My money flows somewhere easily. It’s true: “my money flows freely to what I love dearly.”

So, what if I loved Jesus and the mission of his kingdom most dearly? Of course, to love him most dearly, I must know how dearly he loves me. He has proved it. There is no question. That is what the cross is all about. You see, his blood flowed freely for those whom he loved dearly. And it is his giving for me that motivates my giving for him. In light of the cross, giving to the mission of the kingdom and the advance of the gospel for the magnification of God’s grace among the nations is not a burden, but a privilege and a joy.

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Well said my friend.

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