Five Phases of Equipping Leaders

One of the most helpful things that I have learned about practical ministry from Randy Pope at Perimeter Church is his model of equipping leaders (which also applies to equipping children, folks at work, etc.). I’ve tweaked it a bit, using my own terminology, but here is a summary:  Tell, Show, Watch, Release, Evaluate & Encourage.

1)  Tell the person assigned with a task how to accomplish the task– the description phase.

2) Show the person how to do it– the demonstration phase.

3) Watch them do it, and provide feedback– the observation  phase.

4) Release them to do it by themselves — the delegation phase

5) Evaluate and encourage their progress by having them report back about how it went– the evaluation and encouragement phase

In every other ministry that I have had up until now, all I have done is the tell part, and wondered why people were frustrated under my leadership. This can happen at home, too.  Think about  how to equip a child to do the dishes, fold his own clothes, mow the grass, etc. : )  The problem in chuch and at home (and for some in business, education, etc.) was that I did not equip. So thanks Randy Pope and Perimeter Church for providing such a helpful model: tell, show, watch, release, evaluate and encourage.

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