How to Do the Impossible (A Sanctification Parable)

A while back I had a conversation with my kids about doing the impossible. Now, it was not a pop-psychology, self-esteem message about how you can do anything you set your mind to do. Actually, we can't do anything we set our minds to. We cannot do the impossible, because the impossible is, well, impossible. … Continue reading How to Do the Impossible (A Sanctification Parable)

Keller’s Three Perspectives of the Gospel

I recently heard Dr. Tim Keller speaking about the three perspectives of the gospel as a lens for doing gospel-centered applications in sermons. I found them helpful. The Theological Perspective. The gospel contains certain historical and theological facts that are to shape my thinking about God and mankind. The Devotional Perspective. The gospel facts make … Continue reading Keller’s Three Perspectives of the Gospel

Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar (audio)

This is the audio from Creekstone's recent Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar led by my wife, Kristy, and me. It was geared for engaged couples and newleyweds, but is applicable for folks at any stage of marriage. Covering both theological and practical issues, we hope that this material is helpful toward facilitating a more grace-centered experience of … Continue reading Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar (audio)