Nobody is Merely a Volunteer


When Paul described the church as a body, he did not distinguish between the paid staff and the volunteer team. Yes, some folks are called to vocational ministry as “staff.” However, their role is not to do the ministry. Rather, Paul says in Ephesians 4 that the purpose of those in formal leadership positions are on the team to “equip the saints for ministry.” To translate, staff is to train and equip the volunteer team to fulfill their ministry roles in advancing the mission of the church. So, for those of you who are “volunteers” at Creekstone, please know that you are not merely volunteers helping the staff. Actually, the staff is here to help you effectively use your gifts as you serve Jesus as a member of his body—to fulfill YOUR MINISTRY. So, yes, you—YOU—are a minister, whether a minister of children’s teaching, a minister of music, a minister of set up, a minister of greeting, or a minister of the word who preaches. Isn’t that exciting?! We are all players on the same team. Nobody is merely a volunteer.

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