Emotion Chart

This is an emotion chart produced by The Wellspring Group. It helps us identify how we are feeling so that we can engage the heart more deeply as well as the hearts of our children. This heart engagement allows God to use our emotions to expose us to the gospel at the heart level.

8 Applications from Last Sunday’s Message

Here are the eight applications from last Sunday's message, Redemptive Discipline, that relate to dealing with disobedience in light of the gospel. To listen to the message, just go here. Recognize the wisdom of the parenting pyramid Equip for what we require Expect first time obedience Consider context Provide an appeal process Discern the diff … Continue reading 8 Applications from Last Sunday’s Message

Grace for Those Who Grieve on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is tomorrow. For many, this is a day of celebration and thanksgiving. We have had wonderfully devoted, loving and sacrificial mothers. We have been blessed with children and grandchildren. Yet, for others, it is a day of deep pain, sadness and regret. Some mothers have neglected and abused their children. For these (often … Continue reading Grace for Those Who Grieve on Mother’s Day

Context for Sunday’s Creekstone Message

The ESV Study Bible provides a helpful description of the historical and biblical context for this Sunday's Creekstone message, which is part 2 in our series, Generation NEXT. Our focus passage will be Titus 2:11-14. During a post-Acts missionary journey, Paul had visited the island of Crete, resulting in the establishment of new churches. In … Continue reading Context for Sunday’s Creekstone Message