My New Life as an Introvert

I recently read (devoured) Adam McHugh's book The Introverted Church, which has been so very helpful. For my entire ministry as a pastor I have attempted to function as an extrovert, which has felt like trying to throw a baseball with my left hand. Nevertheless, I have always assumed that I should be an extrovert, as … Continue reading My New Life as an Introvert

Back in the Saddle

Hello Creekstone friends, After our recent two-week vacation to Monteagle, TN  the Caston Crew is rested and recharged! Although we did a number of fun activities that included hiking, swimming, playing cards with friends and even taking a photography class, we enjoyed plenty of time just being together, sometimes sitting on the porch during a … Continue reading Back in the Saddle

Blog Break

I am away from my phone, email, texts, blogging, and all social media through June 22nd. Consequently, I will be taking a blog break until the week of June 23, at which time I plan to fire everything back up. So, please do check back then. I'll have some fun updates to share.