My New Life as an Introvert

I recently read (devoured) Adam McHugh’s book The Introverted Church, which has been so very helpful. For my entire ministry as a pastor I have attempted to function as an extrovert, which has felt like trying to throw a baseball with my left hand. Nevertheless, I have always assumed that I should be an extrovert, as…

Facing Your Fears

This Sunday at Creekstone we are going to face our fears. Are you ready? Just click below for a one-minute video preview.

Back in the Saddle

Hello Creekstone friends, After our recent two-week vacation to Monteagle, TN  the Caston Crew is rested and recharged! Although we did a number of fun activities that included hiking, swimming, playing cards with friends and even taking a photography class, we enjoyed plenty of time just being together, sometimes sitting on the porch during a…

Blog Break

I am away from my phone, email, texts, blogging, and all social media through June 22nd. Consequently, I will be taking a blog break until the week of June 23, at which time I plan to fire everything back up. So, please do check back then. I’ll have some fun updates to share.

Snake Handlin’

Sarah Wynn couldn’t wait to get her hands on this baby. Of course, it is not a baby, but a full-grown Copperhead. Yes, I cut the head off before I let her pick it up.

Have You Been Punk’d by Grace?

Today’s post, which originally appeared on as Punk’d by Grace, is by Tullian Tchividjian, lead pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, During a recent radio interview, the interviewer told me a story that gets to the heart of how grace transforms. He was a camp counselor one summer and one…

Do You have Anger Issues?

In message #2 in our summer sermon series, Getting Emotional, we are going to deal with our anger issues in light of the gospel with a four-part process. I think this is going to be really helpful. Here is the 43 second promo.