Before We Even Ask

In Matthew 6, when Jesus is teaching his disciples how to pray, he provides them with some really encouraging pre-prayer information, saying, “Your Father in heaven knows what you need even before you ask.” There are a number of implications for this: We do not pray to a far away, detached God, but to our “Father” who…

I Am Not the Christ

In the opening chapter of John’s Gospel, he introduces two individuals: Jesus and (another) John, Jesus’ cousin (the one known for baptizing). John the Baptizer grew quite famous as a preacher in those days, and I suppose it could have gone to his head. He could have begun to think that he was important. Indispensable….

Your Will be Done… or Mine?

In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray. One of the key phrases is to submit ourselves to the sovereign, wise and perfect will of the Father with the prayer, “Your will be done.” That is easy to say; much harder to live. If I’m honest,  what I really want is for God…

Jesus Works and I Watch: A Lesson from Jehosaphat

In the days when Jehosaphat was King (see II Chronicles 20), neighboring armies marched against Judah. The people gathered to pray for the LORD to defend them. The King stood and prayed, “We have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are…

Worship in the Park • Sunday, Sept. 28th

Join us on Sunday, Sept. 28th in “the Circle” at Yahoola Creek Park for a morning of Worship in the Park! Here is a one-minute trailer.  NOTE: We are meeting at YAHOOLA CREEK PARK, not HANCOCK PARK near the square.

Five Keys to Greater Productivity

Okay, so I’m an INTJ and resonate with this kind of stuff. But I really think this article by Eric Barker at has the potential not only to help everyone be more productive in their unique calling, but also to help everyone enjoy their calling more as well. Here is the summary: To-Do Lists Are Evil. Schedule Everything. Assume…

“Twenty Seconds of Insane Courage” • Neh. 2:1-10

This is message #2 is our sermon series, Rebuilding the Ruins. The big idea is that realizing dreams requires taking risks. Sometimes it just takes twenty seconds of insane courage to take that risk. Find out more in the message below.