Five Reasons Why Ole Miss Should Be in the Playoff

Five reasons why Ole Miss should be in the playoff... 1. Ole Miss faced one of the most brutal schedules in the country, playing five teams who appeared in the top 10, defeating the current #1 (who was #1 then) and current #4 (who was #1 for 5 weeks). Who else has such a combo of … Continue reading Five Reasons Why Ole Miss Should Be in the Playoff

The Gospel According to Plato

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato (428-347 B.C.) believed that everything in the material world was a shadow of that which is eternally true, beautiful, and good. While what we see is imperfect, especially concerning humans, there is something about humanity (and all other facets of the material world) that leads us to conclude that there … Continue reading The Gospel According to Plato

Religious Repentance vs Gospel Repentance

"Religious Repentance vs. Gospel Repentance" An excerpt from Dr. Tim Keller on the distinction between religious repentance vs gospel repentance. Enjoy! _________________________________________ In religion we are sorry for sin only because of its consequences for us. Sin will bring us punishment—and we want to avoid that, so we repent. The gospel tells us that as … Continue reading Religious Repentance vs Gospel Repentance

Self-Dependence vs Jesus-Dependence

This is a slice of an email I received from a friend who is wresting through the difference between living as a follower of Jesus by principles vs. living as a Jesus-dependent by prayer. I was both challenged and encouraged. What if? Can you imagine? Could it be, that we have come to see the … Continue reading Self-Dependence vs Jesus-Dependence

The Fragrance of Brand-Name Grace

But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere. (2 Corinthians 2:14 ESV)Notice how Paul was not merely thankful for his own personal salvation, but was thankful that he was part of God's mission to spread the gospel … Continue reading The Fragrance of Brand-Name Grace