What if the Church Were for Them?

“What if the church weren’t just for Christian folks, but for the non-Christians, the poor, or those brand new to the faith? What would it look like if we did everything in our church for them rather than us?”

So begins a Redeemer City to City newsletter. 

Okay, what would it look like to be the church for those who are new or not yet part of the church? How would we engage our community? How would we speak? What would we assume about non-Christians?

What I want us to assume is that no one needs the grace of God in Jesus more than we do—more than those who are already in. Why is this? Because the church is not for those who are good, but for those who need grace. It is not for the strong, but for the weak. It is not for the able, but the helpless. It is for us. It is for them. Because Jesus came for us and for them. And all it takes is for the Spirit to give someone resurrected life to become one of us—a member of the community of sheer grace through the cross of Jesus.

Let us never forget this, lest we become a church for us. We’ll grow spiritually proud, and then cold. We’ll put a very low priority on mission. But the truth is that, at one time, most of us were them. Thankfully, someone left the light on and the door open so that we could come in. So let’s be a church that leaves the light on and the door open, and never be surprised by who walks in. 

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