WWJSMany of us are familiar with the WWJD acrostic that stands for What Would Jesus Do? The idea is that when faced with moral or ethical dilemmas, we should appeal to the example of Jesus. I have no argument against that. However, from my experience, I often fail to do what he would do. Sometimes, the issue isn’t even sinful. I forget something. I accidentally let someone down. Or maybe someone let me down.  In these and 10,000 other scenarios, I find it equally if not more helpful to ask myself, WWJS– what would Jesus say?  Now, the question is to discover the heart of Jesus, which is tipped off for us when we just look at the hands of Jesus. What would he say? Words of grace, compassion and healing, sometimes mixed with gentle doses of challenge, not to try harder, but to believe the gospel more deeply and personally. I think he’d remind me that I’m fully forgiven, perfectly accepted and dearly loved. The opinions of others don’t matter. I don’t have to earn anything. And I can’t lose anything. I’m going to blow it again and again and again. But grace is enough… MORE than enough. And grace changes everything.  So, WWJD is helpful. But WWJS is utterly transformational. So, whatever the issue. Ask. WWJS?

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