6 Things You Can Do When Anxiety is Winning

Based on John 6:16-21, here are six things you can do when anxiety is winning:

1) Evaluate your life strategy. Do you begin with action and then consider prayer? Or do you pray as the foundation of your action?

2) Let your first reactions reveal a potential disconnect in your heart. Anxiety and faith do not co-exist. One will push out the other. My first reaction to bad news or a frustrating event often reveals whether my heart is connected to Jesus or not.

3) Be encouraged that you are not alone. Anxiety is a very real part of the human condition. You are not alone. The church is the ultimate anxiety support group. We understand.

4) Welcome the presence and power of Jesus. He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

5) Submit your plans to Jesus. With Jesus “in the boat,” we need not fear. The one who controls the wind and waves has our worries in the palm of his nail-scarred hands.

6) Execute a new life strategy. Begin your day with honesty. Continue on in dependency. And end the day with gratitude.

For more specific explanation and application of these principles, listen to the message below.

For more information about Creekstone Church, just visit www.creekstonechurch.com.

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