Losing My Religion

In his book, Soul Talk, Larry Crabb says,

“Religion is the invention of the Devil.”

Steve Brown agrees, saying, “I hate religion.” That was the discussion for last week’s Caston Family Discipleship gathering after dinner. I asked my kids what makes the Gospel different from all other religions. I was delighted when they answered, “Grace!” Of course, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and every other religiousism says, “If I obey and sacrifice, then I will be accepted and blessed.” To the contrary, the gospel says, “I am accepted and blessed not because of my obedience and sacrifice, but on the basis of the obedience and sacrifice of Jesus.” However, there is a religious virus in the church, because there is a religious virus in people like me. It is so easy for me to take the gospel and moralize it. To make the gospel a religion. That is why Jesus called the Pharisees children of the Devil.” They were rule-keepers, not grace-lovers. They demanded to stand before God on their own works. And so it appears as if Larry Crabb is right. Religion is the invention of the Devil. And I have been duped plenty. So my prayer is that I would cast off religion, and embrace the gospel afresh today. If I must live by works, let them be the works of Jesus.

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