John 1:43-51, “Joining the Redemptive Mission of Jesus”

Here are some reflections on John 1:43-51…

  1. Jesus is the Great missionary (Jesus goes, finds, and calls)– it is our great privilege to join HIS mission to reach and disciple the lost (v. 43)
  2. The Old Testament is a foreshadowing of Jesus (vv. 44-45)
  3. Don’t despise small town ministry— Jesus was from a tiny community (v. 46)
  4. Be willing to “come and see” (v. 47)
  5. Jesus knows the whereabouts, heart and thoughts of everyone, even me (v. 48)
  6. If we are amazed by the miracles and sovereignty of Jesus, nothing compares to the wonder of the cross (vv. 49-50)
  7. Jesus is God in the flesh, who came down to reconcile sinners to God through his life, death and resurrection– proving that indeed, He is the Great missionary (v. 51)

And so, there are many applications from this passage. For me as a church planter, and for any who plan to join the adventure, a primary application is the call to join the redemptive mission of Jesus. I cannot imagine a more thrilling and rewarding life!

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