Seeing the Battle Unfold on the Ground vs. in the Air

In Leadership That Works,Leith Anderson writes,  June 6, 1994, was the 50th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, which began the historic World War II battle to liberate continental Europe from Nazi control. All the major television networks ran anniversary programs that included interviews with aging veterans. One of the programs paired two contrasting interviews back … Continue reading Seeing the Battle Unfold on the Ground vs. in the Air

How “Exciting” Should Sunday Gatherings Be?

This post is an excerpt from Bob Kauflin's Worship Matters blog on "How Exciting Should Our Sunday Services Be?" Sunday mornings aren’t New Year’s Eve celebrations. They aren’t rock concerts. They aren’t pep rallies. They aren’t World Cup finals. They’re something much more mundane, and at the same time something much more eternally and cosmically significant. Our … Continue reading How “Exciting” Should Sunday Gatherings Be?

Job Opening at Creekstone: “Director of Administration”

Creekstone has an immediate opening for a Director of Administration. Apply here. Kandi Ledford has served us faithfully and effectively for the past two years, but recently has been given an opportunity to work with Chestatee Hospital as their Director of Marketing. She will do an amazing job... uh-mazing! But in case you are nervous, settle down. Thankfully, … Continue reading Job Opening at Creekstone: “Director of Administration”

The Reliability of the New Testament

Today, any group of Christians gathered together can all read exactly the same words in their Bibles. That luxury is made possible by the invention of the movable-type printing press over five centuries ago. However,  the original autographs of the NT disappeared long ago, probably within decades of their composition. Therefore, handwritten copies, or manuscripts, … Continue reading The Reliability of the New Testament