Welcome Back Pot-Luck Sign Up

This coming Sunday, Aug. 23, is not only Creekstone’s 5th Anniversary, but it is our annual “Welcome Back Pot-Luck” for our new and returning UNG students. With upwards of 200 students expected this Sunday (a possible attendance of 400 or more), we are asking evah-body to bring TWO dishes. Yes ma’am,TWO DISHES! It is going to take a LOT of home-cooking to provide a feast for this crew. But what an opportunity to be a home away from home and bless these students!

Ready? Here comes the CALL TO ACTION… 🙂

PLEASE SIGN UP HERE—> http://creekstonechurch.com/pot-luck-sign-up  

Step 1: Click on the link

Step 2: Enter your email address
Step 3: It will ask you for your name and phone number
Step 4: Next, there is a little box that says: MySpot (1) – underneath that you can click + or – to add an extra dish.  In other words if you were bringing 2 items/dishes you’d click + so that it read MySpot (2).
Step 5: In the comment box just type what you are bringing and hit thegreen save button.

That’s it!

Thank you so much for participating and signing up.  Oh, you missed the link? No problem. Here it is again. 🙂


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