Putting “Numbers” in Context

This week the Creekstone Sunday message is from Numbers 12. Numbers? What? Numbers is the fourth of the first five books of the Bible that are called “the Books of Moses,” or “the Pentateuch.” The ESV Study Bible provides a crisp summary of how Numbers fits into these first five books.

Numbers thus relates a most important stage in the early history of Israel. Genesis begins with the creation of the world, but soon focuses on the life of the patriarchs and ends with their move to Egypt. Exodus tells how they left Egypt and came to Sinai to receive the law. Leviticus contains some of these laws, and Numbers still more. Numbers also summarizes the 40 years in the wilderness, and Deuteronomy (the sequel to Numbers) has Moses expounding the laws and urging the people to obey them. Deuteronomy ends with Moses’ death.

While this sounds like ancient history (which it is), be assured that the applications and implications for us today are not to be overlooked. This Sunday we are going to come face to face with one of the most practical, relevant messages an inhabitant of the 21st century could hear.

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