“Steeping the Soul” • Exodus 34:29-35

This is message #8 in our series, The Shaping of a Leader.

Also, here is the “sermon assignment:”

(1) Decide upon a quite place, without distractions / no electronics
(2) Schedule time into your calendar
(3) Start small and simple – the goal is to listen
(4) Brew a tea bag and while it steeps, read John 1:1-14 slowly.
(5) As the tea continues to steep, chose a word or phrase from the passage that stands out to you and dwell on it (listening to God), asking God to show you what he wants you to believe and/or do with how it speaks to you. The entire process should be completed before the bag finishes steeping.
(6) The next day, do the same thing with the next verses in John. Don’t worry if you are not done by the time the bag steeps. smile emoticon The next day, do the same thing. This process of mediation is how we allow the greatness, goodness and grace of God to steep into our souls.

For the definition of “meditation” that I referenced:  https://mckaycaston.com/2015/10/06/the-meaning-of-meditation/

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