Church Involvement

For the past few days, I have been in Lookout Mountain, GA, at Covenant College with my second child, a son, whose name is Schaeffer. He was invited to attend this weekend’s opportunity to complete for a “Church Involvement” scholarship. Interviews. Rund table discussions. Group activities. And you know, whether or not he receives the scholarship, as there are many deserving students in the mix, I am personally grateful for his church involvement. As a pastor’s kid, and now having been a church planter’s kid for the past six years, he has always been involved in the church – it has been his life. However, it is not that he is just involved in church. The gospel has become involved in him, which is re-aligning everything about why he is involved. It is not just that he has to be, I think he really wants to serve, give, and bless others in light of what Jesus has done for him. I think he is coming to recognize the significance of biblical community, so that even if he were not the son of a preacher, he would be part of a the covenant community called the church. To witness him reaching out to and befriending those who are alone, including them, affirming their value… to see him volunteer to serve… to see him repent to others, being sensitive to his own sin and need for a Savior, without parental prompting shows me that he is being prompted and led by the Spirit. This is such a huge encouragement to me, because my longing for my children is the same longing I have for everyone who is part of Creekstone, which is that they glorify God by coming alive to the wonder of God’s grace in the gospel– because God’s grace in Jesus changes everything.

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