This is a Big Deal!

As you probably know by now, Creekstone is having our long-awaited "Particularization Service" THIS SUNDAY, April 3, when we become an independent, self-governing congregation! During this service we will ordain and install our first elders, as well as install yours truly as Organizing/Founding Pastor. Rather than a morning gathering, the service will be at 4:00 p.m. Same location … Continue reading This is a Big Deal!

“A Message for Skeptics” – John 20:24-31

This is the final message in our Gospel of John study which was preached on Easter Sunday, 2016. Sermon Notes: Today is a message for skeptics... After all, this is Easter Sunday, which we know is not primarily about brightly colored eggs and bunnies, but rather is about the claims in the Bible that Jesus … Continue reading “A Message for Skeptics” – John 20:24-31

“The Super-Glue of Christian Unity” • John 17:20-21 (audio & notes)

Listen to the sermon audio: Sermon notes: Until his recent death, Lee McCarty was the most famous potter in Mississippi, if not one of the most recognized in the south and possibly the nation. Using clay dug from the Mississippi Delta, he created both functional and decorative pottery, some of which has even been featured … Continue reading “The Super-Glue of Christian Unity” • John 17:20-21 (audio & notes)

What Women Really Want

After 24 years of marriage, I finally have discovered what women really want. This discovery took place as I was hand washing a pile of dishes that had accumulated in our sink over the past several days. Life has been hectic and our dishwasher is not playing nice. Not to mention that my wife has … Continue reading What Women Really Want

A Tribute to My Son on His 18th Birthday

Traumatic is the word we use. When his heart rate crashed on the monitor, we knew something was terribly wrong—so wrong, that within moments, the NICU team had burst into the birthing room. A nurse soon climbed upon my wife, began pushing forcefully upon her swollen abdomen and commanded me to "get in her face … Continue reading A Tribute to My Son on His 18th Birthday