Is it Time to Leave the Safety of the Harbor?

Are you ready to leave the safety of the harbor for the open seas? For some of us, its time to confront our fears and live beyond the comfort zone. Going to college… getting your first job… marriage… having a baby… when marriage gets hard… when the children leave home… meeting new people… learning a new … Continue reading Is it Time to Leave the Safety of the Harbor?

A New, Easy Way to Donate to Creekstone

The past couple of months have seen quite a downturn in Creekstone's Sunday offerings / financial support. This may be due to family vacations over spring break or visiting relatives at Easter. After all, it is hard to put a check in the basket when you are not present. And sometimes we arrive on Sunday … Continue reading A New, Easy Way to Donate to Creekstone

UNG Student Commissioning This Sunday

This Sunday at Creekstone is special for two reasons. (1) This Sunday we will commission our UNG students as cultural missionaries for the summer and beyond. If you are a student, join us as we pray for you and encourage you in the next leg of your faith journey. (2) This Sunday we welcome one … Continue reading UNG Student Commissioning This Sunday

“A Counter-Cultural Faith” – Genesis 6 (sermon audio/notes)

This is message #2 in our present teaching series, The Faith FULL Life. Here are the notes: In our present sermon series, we are talking about what it would be like for us to live lives that were FULL of faith in God’s faithfulness, having a God-awareness at all times. The Bible calls this walking … Continue reading “A Counter-Cultural Faith” – Genesis 6 (sermon audio/notes)

Evidence for the Biblical Account of the Flood

This Sunday I will be teaching from Genesis 6, the account of Noah. Not only does the biblical record (the Old Testament text, Jesus' reference to Noah as well as Peter's) consider the account not mythical, but historical, but so does world renown, underwater archaeologist Dr. Robert Ballard. I came across this fascinating article while … Continue reading Evidence for the Biblical Account of the Flood

“Hold Unsweringly” – Hebrews 10:23, 11:1-3

This is the first message in our present sermon series The FaithFULL Life. Transcript: Most of us have experienced the frustration.  You are late for an early morning meeting, barely make it to the car without spilling your coffee. You get situated, put the keys in the ignition, and then as the car cranks, you … Continue reading “Hold Unsweringly” – Hebrews 10:23, 11:1-3