4 Reasons Why Jehovah’s Witnesses are Mistaken About Jesus

In this Sunday's message, we are going to touch on the hypostatic union. As Dave Mathis writes, “The hypostatic union is the mysterious joining of the divine and the human in the one person of Jesus." Mysterious and controversial. In the centuries immediately following the writing of the New Testament, there were a number of church … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Jehovah’s Witnesses are Mistaken About Jesus

The Three Offices of Christ

This Sunday we are going to discuss the person and work of Jesus from a theological perspective, understanding the divinity and humanity of Jesus, as well as the several aspects of his redemptive work. Since we have limited time on Sunday, I wanted to share briefly about the "offices" of Christ, as we may not have … Continue reading The Three Offices of Christ

I Made a Critical Mistake in Sunday’s Message

I made a critical mistake in this past Sunday's message. As you know, we are in a sermon series that is examining foundational, essential doctrines of the Christian faith--an introduction to systematic theology of sorts. While doctrine is like a foundation (which is necessary and good), the danger of teaching doctrine is that it can … Continue reading I Made a Critical Mistake in Sunday’s Message

Pandora’s Box

Listen:  [Here is an important addendum to this message.] In the mid-14th century, a bacteria called yersinia pestis was carried by fleas from Asia to Europe, being transported on rats that commonly infested merchant ships. As these ships arrived in ports such as Constantinople, Marseilles (mar-say), and Barcelona, the rats would disembark, carrying the infected … Continue reading Pandora’s Box