The Three Offices of Christ

This Sunday we are going to discuss the person and work of Jesus from a theological perspective, understanding the divinity and humanity of Jesus, as well as the several aspects of his redemptive work. Since we have limited time on Sunday, I wanted to share briefly about the “offices” of Christ, as we may not have time to address this during the message.

UPDATE: It looks like I am going to discuss the threefold offices of Jesus after all. 🙂

The ministry of Jesus can be understood as fulfilling the three offices that had been established in the Old Testament with the nation of Israel. In Israel, the three people who served as “mediators” between the LORD and the people were the Prophet, the Priest, and the King. As the ultimate mediator between God and man, Jesus fulfills these offices in one person.

As Prophet, he speaks God’s word to the people.

As King, he rules the church by his word.

As Priest, he offers himself as the perfect sacrifice for sin and intercedes for his people before the throne of grace in heaven.

Thus, Jesus is the perfect Mediator–the Messiah who speaks, guides, saves, rules and protects.

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