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Who is Jesus?


This is week 4 in an 8-week sermon series we are calling, Foundations: An Introduction to Christian Theology.

Today our topic is Christology, or the study of Christ. While Jesus is our focus EVERY Sunday, today we want to slow down a bit and look at some nuances to the person and work of the Savior.

For family moving night this week, we watched Take Me Out to the Ball Game starring Gene Kelly, who was one of the most well-known actors in the mid-20th century. Although many of us probably haven’t even heard of them.

However, if I were to ask if you know who LeBron James is, you likely would say, “Yes.”

The younger among us know who Selena Gomez is and who Justin Bieber is, right?

But how well do we really know people we say we know? What about the person next door? We may know a name, but what do we really know?

And what about Jesus?

If I were ask someone on the street who Jesus is, most people would have an answer. It may be an incomplete answer or an altogether wrong answer, but they would have some idea about who Jesus is. They probably have at least heard of him, even if they don’t really know much about him. And having heard of him, they probably assume they know more about him than they really do.

What if I were to ask you? Who is Jesus?

What does the name Jesus mean? Is Jesus God or man, or God and man? Was he primarily a wise Jewish rabbi? A gifted prophet? A King? A priest? Or maybe all of the above? What specifically did Jesus come to do? And what does someone who walked the earth 2,000 years ago have to do with me, anyway?

By the end of today’s message, I think you will be able to answer all of these questions. But more than just get the answers right, I hope that you will feel yourself desiring to really know Jesus… not just know about him. I want us to savor him as Savior and glory in him as King. I want us to find him beautiful and worthy of complete devotion.