Does Social Media Makes Us Unhappy?

This article by Susan Pinker originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal (5-25-17). Not an indictment or judgment. Just food for thought. Food that might help with your happiness quotient. Does spending too much time on social media make us unhappy? A rigorous study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that it does. Researchers found that the more people … Continue reading Does Social Media Makes Us Unhappy?

The Creekstone Mission and Motto Explained

“Creekstone Church exists to glorify God by helping people come alive to the wonder of the gospel.” Creekstone Church Exists…   Creekstone is not and never will be a facility of bricks and mortar. Creekstone is a family of rescued and adopted sons and daughters who live life together on mission. We exist for a … Continue reading The Creekstone Mission and Motto Explained

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Listen:  Beach or mountains? If you had to decide between one or the other as a vacation destination, which would you choose? For some, the answer would be a no brainer. You have a definite preference. For others, you may feel a tension, because you enjoy both the mountains and the beach. Steak or shrimp? … Continue reading Who is the Holy Spirit?

Winslow on the Christian Life

In my last post, I mentioned how I have been impacted in a unique way by a book by Octavius Winslow, The Work of the Holy Spirit (1840). Here are some select quotes that provide a glimpse into his refreshingly Jesus-centered view of the Christian life. "Regeneration is the sole and special work of the … Continue reading Winslow on the Christian Life