“Walk This Way”

This is message #3 in our Gospel for Real Life sermon series through the letter of James. Listen:  Those of you who are runners know how important good form is not only for enjoying running but for avoiding injury. Some of us have a tendency toward pronation or supination when running. Pronation is when your … Continue reading “Walk This Way”

“Resisting the Bait”

Listen:  This is message #2 in our expository series in James, The Gospel for Real Life. I like to fish. Admittedly, I’m not very good at it. But when I do catch a fish and proceed to remove the hook, I kind of feel sorry for the creature. He was hungry, thought he saw an … Continue reading “Resisting the Bait”

“Facing the Fire”

Listen:  This is message #1 in our study through James, The Gospel for Real Life (TGFRL). I have a huge admiration for firefighters. While most of us instinctively run from fires, they run toward and into them. Totally counterintuitive. But in some ways, we all face fires. Not literal fires. But tests. James calls them … Continue reading “Facing the Fire”

Pastoral Work is Preaching Work

In his book, A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life, author J.I. Packer writes about the centrality and importance of preaching in the process of sanctification. In fact, the Puritan pastor believed they would "never perform a more important task than preaching." [1] While it has become "our habit to think of … Continue reading Pastoral Work is Preaching Work

How Will History End?

Listen:  This message comes with a “spoiler alert.” If you have ever read a movie review online, you have come across a “spoiler warning,” where the reviewer warns you that he is going to give the ending away. This morning, we are going to talk about the end. Not the end of a movie, but … Continue reading How Will History End?