Light and the Beauty of Christmas

Monday night the Caston family went out for my 49th birthday dinner.  Afterward, we toured a neighborhood in Cumming, GA that is known for its holiday lights. Here is our favorite that we proclaimed the “winner.” It’s not full-scale Griswold-esque, but it is still impressive. As we drove through the winding neighborhood with what seemed … Continue reading Light and the Beauty of Christmas

The 3 Greatest Words of All Time

“It is finished!” - John 19:30 Abba, Father, when Jesus spoke those words on the cross, he intended for them to echo throughout time, that each new generation, by the enabling grace of your Holy Spirit, would hear and believe the good news. My mind and my heart worship you with thanksgiving, in light of your … Continue reading The 3 Greatest Words of All Time


This is the final message in the Creekstone sermon series in James, The Gospel for Real Life. Listen:  About four years ago, I was approached by three different members of the Creekstone staff about an issue that had them deeply concerned. They had not collaborated or discussed this issue with each other. Their concern wasn’t … Continue reading Intervention

The Four R’s of Worship

What makes a good worship service? Often, people will evaluate a service based on the quality of the music, the comfort of the seats, the freshness of the coffee, the personality of the preacher and other elements which the congregant is able to observe. However, what if the impact of a worship service is not … Continue reading The Four R’s of Worship