Growing in Grace: a 36-Week Discipleship Course

At some point in our spiritual journey, most of us confess to being stagnant, withering, or depleted.

This is why I am developing a course this year that will set you on a path leading to spiritual health and growth called “Growing in Grace.” In fact, if you actively participate in this plan, I guarantee that you will grow spiritually.

I guarantee it.

Why am I so confident?

Let me explain the plan.



Using the Navigator’s Topical Memory System (TMS) as a starting point, I am going to cover 36 core theological and life issue topics. The TMS connects two short passages of Scripture to each topic/theme.

Each chapter (written and posted weekly) will be an explanation of the passages framed with questions so that you can use this resource throughout the week for personal devotions (as you memorize, meditate over and pray through the passages) and for family discipleship (just ask the questions over dinner for review and discussion). The answers to the questions will be fully explained in each chapter making this super easy to lead.

Just imagine, by the end of 2018, you will possess readily accessible truth from God’s word–seventy-two passages of Scripture that speak to 36 specific, key issues!

This is how we grow, by abiding in Jesus through faith as our sin-bearing, perfect righteousness (which is the focus and goal of the teaching in each chapter) and having his living word dwell in us (which is the purpose of Bible memorization).



  • You will experience greater motivation for living as a disciple of Jesus.
  • You will receive specific direction for living as a disciple of Jesus.
  • You will be equipped to face and reject the lies of the enemy, the flesh and the world with the truth of God’s word.
  • Since the course is designed to be “passonable,” you will discover a new inspiration for helping others to grow in grace, such as your children, roommates, and friends. This is going to be an easy and effective way not only to grow yourself but to help others by leading them with a simple, Bible-centered, gospel-driven, Jesus-focused tool for ongoing discipleship–for growing in grace.


I’m praying that this will a year of unparalleled spiritual health and growth as we come alive more and more to the wonder of God’s grace to us in Jesus!

By the way, I would love your feedback week to week on the chapters as we plan to turn this into a print and e-book. Thanks in advance for helping make this the best discipleship course that it can be.

Read or listen to chapter 1 here!

In the strong love of the Father and by grace alone, your friend,

McKay Caston

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