“4 Marks of a Counterfeit Christian” • John 6:22-40

In John 6, many people are following Jesus. He has fed the 5,000. He has demonstrated his power and authority over nature by walking on water. But many of the crowds of potential disciples were counterfeits. They looked like disciples outwardly, but were not real on the inside. What characterizes a counterfeit Christian? What are the marks? And what might it look like to live an authentic life as a real disciple of Jesus. Below are the four marks. For more explanation and application, you may also listen to the message, which also is below.

1) The counterfeit Christian treats Jesus like a genie.

2) The counterfeit Christian lives with a sense of entitlement.

3) The counterfeit Christian demands ongoing proof of God’s love.

4) The counterfeit Christian dwells on this life more than the next.

For more, listen here:

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