A Helpful Productivity Lesson from Jack Dorsey

A recent CNN.com article about Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, described how he is able to manage both Twitter and Square, two of the tech industry’s fastest growing companies. According to the article, here is what he says about how he manages his time:

“The only way to do this is to be very disciplined. I theme my days.”

CNN.com comments, “He means this literally. Each day, he focuses on one specific aspect of corporate development and tunes out the rest.”

Okay, so I’m not the founder of one of world’s most recognizable tech brands. I’m just a church planter. But as far as time management goes, I have found the idea of “theming days” to be of  immense value for both productivity and sanity. Each day I focus on a different aspect of ministry (sometimes two general focus areas per day):

  • Monday = administration & planning
  • Tuesday = sermon and service preparation
  • Wednesday = appointments and men’s discipleship
  • Thursday = admin & sermon wrap up
  • Friday = day off (no phone, no texting, no blogging, no email, etc.)
  • Saturday = sermon review
  • Sunday = preaching in the morning and community groups in the evening

How do you organize your week? Do you theme days, or have a more detailed break down of your time? What has worked well for you?

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