A Personal Message to My Creekstone Friends

Hello friends,

As my family prepares to spend time with extended family this Thanksgiving, I wanted you to know how thankful I am for you. Creekstone has been such a huge, huge blessing in my life, that I really can’t properly express how grateful I am for our fellowship and how expectant I am for how the Lord is going to move among and through us in the days and years to come. I suppose I’m trying to say that I’m just really glad to be here with you and that I look forward to Sundays together as the highlight of my week.  

I know that many of our students will be away this Sunday and some of us will be traveling. For those who can make it, let’s savor the gospel together and be thankful for the community we call Creekstone. For those who can’t be there, please know that you will be missed (and we will hope to see you the next Sunday!).  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week,


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