A Practical Demonstration of Grace on December 17


Creekstone’s Gift-Wrapping Mission
By wrapping presents for busy parents next Saturday in front of Wal-Mart, we will be offering more than a great service—we will be offering a practical demonstration of grace.  Our gift wrapping can’t be purchased by those in need. It can’t be earned. It can only be accepted, just like God’s gift of redemption to us in Jesus. 

* To participate, just email mission project coordinator, Rick Nielsen, at nielsenFM@inpo.orgSee below for items you can donate.

How Will the Mission Work?
The mission will be in a tent front-and-center outside of Wal-Mart.  “Elves” (adults) will greet and direct shoppers exiting the store to the gift wrapping tent.  Wrappers will wrap gifts and engage the shoppers in conversation.  The key to this is to explain why we’re wrapping gifts for free.  There are no strings attached.  We won’t take payment, tips, or promote our church (though we’ll tell about it if asked and hand out a small invitation card.) 

Two-Hour Shifts  
We have four two-hour shifts, ranging from 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m.  Currently, we have wrappers filling the first three shifts, but need more for the 4:00 to 6:00 shift.  We also need elf help for each shift, and people who can help set up and take down at the end (after 6:00 p.m.).

15-Minute Training Session This Sunday
There will be a very short “training” discussion right after worship service this Sunday (Dec 11). It will take less than 15 minutes.  

What We Need
Gift wrapping paper, boxes (for wrapping clothing, etc.), ribbon, and tags. 

Five tables and 15 chairs
Coffee/hot chocolate service
CD player
Four trash cans
Four kerosene heaters
Lots of paper
Lots of ribbon
Lots of tape
Lots of labels
10 elf hats

* To dontate items, please bring them this Sunday, or contact coordinator, Rick Nielsen at nielsenFM@inpo.org.

Want to Participate?
Care to join in?  Please contact Rick at nielsenFM@inpo.org

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