A Year-End Gift for a Special Friend to Extend the Gospel

If you are a regular at Creekstone, you know that one of the biggest influences in my spiritual formation (my understanding of, experience with and teaching of the gospel) is Dr. Johnny Long. Not only has he preached twice at Creekstone, but also he and his wife, Becky, led our fall Marriage Conference.

Now, he has NOT asked me to share this, but since transitioning their ministry from London to the states, their financial support account has become perilously low. They have upcoming ministry opportunities to share the gospel in Chile, Spain and West Africa in 2012, in addition to writing discipleship materials and traveling the states to lead Grace4Life seminars and conferences with World Harvest Mission. But at this point, they do not project having travel funds available to fulfill these opportunities. 

Since their ministry has a proven track record of impacting lives with the gospel, a gift to their ministry really will reap an eternal benefit. So, if any of you are able to provide a year-end, tax-deductible donation of any amount to Johnny and Becky Long, I would be grateful. And I know they would be, too. There is no obligation in this request. I just wanted to provide an opportunity for those who wish to express their appreciation for the Longs and support their ministry. 

To make a donation, just go here (http://bit.ly/s6nosY). 



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