Who is Your Worst Enemy?

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Why the “Macro-Micro/Both-And” is Vital for a Believer to Experience the Fullness of Grace

Either-Or vs Both-And There are a number of concepts that, on the surface, appear antithetical but actually are complementary. For example, take the words macro and micro. A macro perspective gives the big picture while a micro view looks at the smaller parts of the whole. Consequently, if we take an either-or approach to any issue or subject, […]

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The Purpose of the Law

Law in the Old Testament Does it confuse you when preachers and teachers talk about the law of God? I wouldn’t blame you for the angst if you find such terminology to be a kind of Christianese that everyone is supposed to understand but doesn’t. If you count yourself among the perplexed, this post is […]

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The Bronze Serpent

I want to give you a book that I wrote about ten years ago called The Bronze Serpent: Tethering Your Life to the Cross with Scripture-Based Prayer. I’ve updated it and made it super-easy to download and read on a phone, tablet, computer. It is even print-ready if you want to put it in a 3-ring […]

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The Power of Gratitude

I’m forcing myself not to watch. You know how hard it is to look away when something violent or unseemly is happening on TV. That is kind of how it feels to watch “the news” right now. But I’m really trying not to look. It is not just watching cable or network television coverage of […]

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A Before and After Story

Read below or listen to the podcast. Katrina’s Fury Meteorologists knew the storm had the potential to inflict catastrophic damage. But nobody expected the post-landfall images to reveal the level of devastation left behind after Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi coast in late August 2005. Raging ashore with a massive, thirty-foot storm surge, practically every physical […]

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How Committed Are You to Jesus?

The Great Invitation How would you respond if someone were to ask, “How committed are you to following Jesus?” Some of us might get offended. “What? I’m totally committed. I’d die for him.” Others might not be as confident, but with head hung low, confess, “Sadly, my actions deny the commitment of my words.” What […]

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God Helps Those Who…

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader? During the COVID pandemic, my family has discovered reruns of the game show, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? The kids on the program are great, with fun personalities and lots of knowledge. The adult contestants may be equally winsome, but so far, not one has been smarter […]

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What Does God Think of You Right Now?

A Follow-Up Question Years ago, when D. James Kennedy’s Evangelism Explosion was a popular tool for sharing the good news of Jesus, the first question the evangelist would ask is, “If you died today, do you believe you’d go to heaven?” If the respondent answered no, then on with the gospel presentation. If they replied yes, the follow up […]

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The Epitaph I Want

One of my seminary textbooks written by F.F. Bruce was titled, Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free. What a great epitaph for someone’s ministry. What a great epitaph for someone’s life — a heart set free. This coming Sunday, I am starting a new teaching series for my home church, True North: Life Guided by the Gospel — a […]

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