We Clapped Our Hands Red

I Have Been Wrong In his book, The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins relates a story from when he was an undergraduate at Oxford. While I do not embrace Dawkin’s atheistic assertions, the anecdote is profoundly instructive for believers, particularly with regard to how Christians may reach the seemingly unreachable with the gospel. Here is the story. […]

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The Power of a Father’s Affirmation

Get posts like this sent directly to your inbox so that you don’t miss anything. For more information about Rest for the Weary, just go here. Subscribe now Ambition. Perfectionism. Insecurity. Overeating. Compulsive spending, alcoholism, and extreme exercise. The addictive pursuit of wealth, power, and fame. According to authors Gary McIntosh and Samuel Rima in their book, Overcoming […]

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The Dark Side of Christian Freedom

By the 1770s, the American colonies had suffered under what they considered unfair treatment by their sovereign in England, King George III. Starting with the Stamp Act of 1765, many colonists began to resent British taxation without American representation in Parliament and sentiment for independence began to grow. On March 23, 1775, Virginian attorney and […]

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The Three Postures

Disagreements are part of living in a world with humans who each have differing perspectives, personalities, experiences, preferences, opinions, passions, gifts, and expectations. Being different is okay. The problem is when being different becomes an opportunity for unhealthy conflict. I mention unhealthy conflict because there really is a way to engage in healthy conflict. Yeah, […]

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This Assignment Will Cause You to Live on Your Knees before the Cross

If you have not heard of The Sonship Tongue Assignment, let me introduce you.  Sonship is a discipleship course developed by Dr. Jack Miller and others through the ministry of World Harvest Mission (now called Serge). The emphasis of the course is to help Christians live functionally (vs theoretically) as adopted sons and daughters of God by focusing […]

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What is Your PPK Profile?

In church planting circles, it is popular to identify leaders as prophets, priests, or kings. The prophet is someone whose primary gifting is preaching and teaching. The priest is the true pastor type who naturally expresses empathy and care, listens well, and finds it life-giving to help people work through problematic personal issues. The king […]

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