Beginning Our Ascent to the Peak

F. Godet, a Swiss theologican, called the thrity-nine verses in Romans 8 great because they begin with “no condemnation” and end with “no separation.” The late James Boice considered this chapter to be the greatest in the entire Bible. Now, whether we can put one chapter as more significant than other God-breathed chapters of Scripture may be a bit foolish. Nevertheless, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the apostle Paul certainly in the zone in Romans 8.

So, this Sunday as we begin our journey up the Mt. Everest of Paul’s letter, I trust that you will come with great anticipation and enthusiasm, for the view is nothing less than breathtaking. We will begin our ascent this week and plan to reach the peak on Easter Sunday! If you have ever considered bringing a friend to encounter the gospel at Creekstone, this just might be the prime time.

I’ll be studying all week for our first steps in verses 1-4. If you think about it, please pray that I will be a faithful guide.

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