Broken, but not Ruined

I have a friend in Mississippi who takes broken pottery and turns the pieces into beautiful picture frames. Most folks would just throw out the broken pieces. Ruined. But to her, the broken pieces are beautiful. In fact, she can’t use them until they are broken.

The same is true with us. We can’t be used for God’s purposes until we are broken. Do you believe that?

Some of us think we are ruined. Just worthless fragments of humanity. But what if the breaking process is part of God’s plan to bless you? And through you to bless others?

I want you to know that when God breaks, or allows us to be broken, or just finds us in a broken condition, he intends brokenness to be an unexpected pathway to blessing. When God breaks, he breaks to bless. He repurposes our brokenness into something not only useful, but beautiful.

This Sunday’s message is Repurposing Brokenness from Psalm 51:13-19. Join us as we discover three unexpected blessings of God repurposing our broken condition.

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