Grace for Those Who Grieve On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is tomorrow. For many, this is a day of celebration and thanksgiving. We have had wonderfully devoted, loving and sacrificial mothers. We have been blessed with children and grandchildren. Yet, for others, it is a day of deep pain, sadness and regret. Some mothers have neglected and abused their children. For these (often … Continue reading Grace for Those Who Grieve On Mother’s Day

“Out of the Harbor” – Genesis 12:1-9 (sermon audio & notes)

This is message #3 in our sermon series, The Faith-FULL Life. In 1620, the Mayflower left the safety of an English harbor and set sail for the New World. There were compelling reasons to board, including the promise of a new life of freedom for this band of religious non-conformists whom we call Pilgrims. But … Continue reading “Out of the Harbor” – Genesis 12:1-9 (sermon audio & notes)

“A Counter-Cultural Faith” – Genesis 6 (sermon audio/notes)

This is message #2 in our present teaching series, The Faith FULL Life. Here are the notes: In our present sermon series, we are talking about what it would be like for us to live lives that were FULL of faith in God’s faithfulness, having a God-awareness at all times. The Bible calls this walking … Continue reading “A Counter-Cultural Faith” – Genesis 6 (sermon audio/notes)

“One Another’s” Not Found in the New Testament

As you may know, there are many passages that exhort Christians to love, serve and bless "one another." Ray Ortlund shows us a number of "one another's" that we don't find. "Sanctify one another, humble one another, scrutinize one another, pressure one another, embarrass one another, corner one another, interrupt one another, defeat one another, … Continue reading “One Another’s” Not Found in the New Testament

Placing Limits on God’s Ability

In 1939, George Dantzig enrolled as a graduate student studying statistics under Polish-born professor Jerzy Neyman. At the beginning of one class session, Dr. Neyman chalked two examples of famous unsolvable problems on the blackboard. George happened to arrive late to class that day, and mistakenly thought the unsolvable problems were their homework assignment, so … Continue reading Placing Limits on God’s Ability

Emotion Chart

This is an emotion chart produced by The Wellspring Group. It helps us identify how we are feeling so that we can engage the heart more deeply as well as the hearts of our children. This heart engagement allows God to use our emotions to expose us to the gospel at the heart level.

Raising Empty Hands of Faith

These quotes comparing justification and sanctification are from one of my favorite books, True Spirituality, by Francis Schaeffer.  "In justification, the basis is the finished work of Jesus Christ; in sanctification, it [also] is the finished work of Christ. In justification, we must see, acknowledge, and act upon the fact that we cannot save ourselves. … Continue reading Raising Empty Hands of Faith