The Power of a Father’s Affirmation

Get posts like this sent directly to your inbox so that you don’t miss anything. For more information about Rest for the Weary, just go here. Subscribe now Ambition. Perfectionism. Insecurity. Overeating. Compulsive spending, alcoholism, and extreme exercise. The addictive pursuit of wealth, power, and fame. According to authors Gary McIntosh and Samuel Rima in their book, Overcoming […]

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The Three Postures

Disagreements are part of living in a world with humans who each have differing perspectives, personalities, experiences, preferences, opinions, passions, gifts, and expectations. Being different is okay. The problem is when being different becomes an opportunity for unhealthy conflict. I mention unhealthy conflict because there really is a way to engage in healthy conflict. Yeah, […]

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A Tribute to My Youngest at Sixteen

Today, my youngest turns sixteen. It is a tradition in the Caston home to take the birthday guy or girl out for a special family dinner. Although two days early, Sarah Wynn’s celebratory meal was on Friday night at the place of her choosing, Tam’s Tupelo, a semi-local restaurant in Cumming, GA, which features cuisine […]

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