Why Do the Best Leaders Limp?

Read below or listen to the podcast. Jacob’s Story: A Defining Moment in the Ascent of a Leader Most of us have defining moments that shape the rest of our lives. Like that night walking down sorority row at Ole Miss when I met a ridiculously cute red-head from Benton, Mississippi. That encounter was a defining […]

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The Three Postures

Disagreements are part of living in a world with humans who each have differing perspectives, personalities, experiences, preferences, opinions, passions, gifts, and expectations. Being different is okay. The problem is when being different becomes an opportunity for unhealthy conflict. I mention unhealthy conflict because there really is a way to engage in healthy conflict. Yeah, […]

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What is Your PPK Profile?

In church planting circles, it is popular to identify leaders as prophets, priests, or kings. The prophet is someone whose primary gifting is preaching and teaching. The priest is the true pastor type who naturally expresses empathy and care, listens well, and finds it life-giving to help people work through problematic personal issues. The king […]

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