Choosing to Forgive (Matt. 18:31-35)

This is part 2 of last week’s message, Responding to the Wound.

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In his book, The Peacemaker, Ken Sande outlines four essential promises of forgiveness.

  1. “I will not dwell on this incident.”
  2. “I will not bring up this incident again and use it against you.”
  3. “I will not talk to others about this incident.”
  4. “I will not let this incident stand between us or hinder our personal relationship.”

If this is the standard for genuine, true forgiveness, then it stands to reason that many of us have never forgiven anyone. Ever.

But this is what God does for us in the gospel.

Like in old westerns, God buries the hatchet. He chooses to forgive. As volitional act – a conscious decision.

The problem is, we tend to leave the handle sticking up out of the ground… for use at a later date. “Remember when you…” “You always…” “You never…”

What if we really could bury the sins of others and give forgiveness full and free, with enthusiasm and joy? What if we were not merely recipients of grace, but conduits of God’s grace?

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