Christianity as the Unreligion

7up_the_uncola-32322If 7-Up is the uncola, then Christianity is the unreligion. In his book, Defiant Grace, Dane Ortlund says,

“Christianity is the unreligion. It turns all our religious instincts on their heads…. The ancient Greeks told us to be moderate by knowing our inclinations. The Romans told us to be strong by ordering our lives. Buddhism tells us to be disillusioned by annihilating our consciousness. Hinduism tells us to be absorbed by merging our souls. Islam tells us to be submissive by subjecting our wills. Agnosticism tells us to be at peace by ignoring our doubts. Moralism tells us to be good by discharging our obligations. Only the gospel tells us to be free by acknowledging our failure. Christianity is the unreligion because it is the one faith whose founder tells us to bring not our doing, but our need.”

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