Christianity is Not for the Mentally Healthy

In The Letters of Francis Schaeffer, he writes to a woman named Sharon:

“Christianity is not a religion for the mentally healthy. Rather, ever since the Fall, none of us are totally mentally healthy, any more than any of us are totally physically well… Christianity is for weak people just as we are… We must honor Christ and his finished work by bringing our failure [and weakness] under the work of Christ and leaving them there. When we do less than this, we are dishonoring Christ and his finished work—as though his finished work is enough for some things, but not enough for my weakness and sin.”

I find this helpful. May we take our sin and brokenness to the cross and leave it there, going on with a heart full of praise and thanksgiving for the Savior, knowing that his atonement as our substitute is full and complete—more than enough for every aspect of weakness and sin.

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