Christmas Eve Wrap Up

Just got the kid’s presents wrapped and about to hit the sack. Wow, Kristy is an amazing gift wrapper. Anyway, I think we are ready for the morning.

Also, I’m really grateful for the folks who helped with the Christmas Eve service tonight. Even with a few technical difficulties, they rallied and received the grace to have a really blessed time together. Thanks to worship arts coordinator Jesse Turk and other tech volunteers for last minute heroics. So fun to see so many new faces, too. 

We’re all looking forward to video Skyping with the kid’s “Nini” (grandmother) in the morning on my iPad so that she can watch them open their gifts. Thanks to the late Steve Jobs. This will be a first. 

Will look forward to seeing everyone next year! How is it possible that it will be 2012? Seems like it was just 1985. 🙂

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