Coin Rejected… and Coin Accepted!

Last week I was driving back through Atlanta from Panama City with Andy Woznicki. As we passed through the toll booth on GA 400, we tossed the required 50 cents into the bucket. For the first time that I can remember, the signal did not turn green, but read “Coin Rejected.” What? How could that be? But there was nothing we could do except find another coin that it would accept. Cars were lining up behind us and road rage was a distinct possibility. Thankfully, we found a substitute coin that was accepted, the green light appeared, the gate lifted and we passed through on to Dahlonega. Although the law tells me that I am the rejected coin—that my flaws require a substitute to be found—thankfully, the gospel tells me that God has provided a substitute coin to be accepted in my place so that, because of his perfection and the price he has paid for me, the green light of acceptance is on and the gate to glory is lifted.  


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