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My passion is creating cross-tethered resources that help folks come alive to the wonder, beauty, and transforming power of God's grace in the risen and reigning Jesus.

Available Spring 2024

There is a lot of confusion concerning the relationship between justification and sanctification, especially how it relates to preaching moral imperatives. Is there a biblical model that gives us a hint for preaching in a way that does not conflate nor separate the justifying and sanctifying grace of God? Sanctifying Grace takes a deep dive into the theological and practical issues at stake, helping those who preach gain greater confidence in the message of the cross to save and sanctify.

175 pages

My Passion

Discover the essential concept that influences every resource.

Three Core Doctrines

Explore the three core doctrines woven into every resource.

Theological Foundations

Examine the theological foundation upon which every resource is built.

Cross-Tethered Preaching

Cross-Tethered Preaching is a free, weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox with practical, actionable tips and suggestions designed to help pastors preach the fullness of God’s grace in Jesus in a way that is exceptionally focused and clear, rooted to the text of Scripture, tethered to the cross of Jesus, and applied in a way that is grace-motivated and Spirit empowered.

The PPGR Preaching System not only saves you time in sermon prep, but also enables you to craft remarkably clear, focused messages that are distinctively cross-tethered, with application that is explicitly grace-driven and Spirit-empowered. Get more information below about how the PPGR Preaching System could be a game changer for your sermon preparation and delivery.

"The PPGR system is an invaluable asset, providing a robust sermon structure that ensures each message is grounded in the gospel." — David Kim

"The PPGR system is now my go-to way to craft all kinds of talks. Thanks, McKay!"

— David Taylor

What Makes a Sermon Genuinely Gospel-Centered?
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Just like overused tires may get worn and lose their gripping power, words may become so overused that they no longer retain the tread with which they were originally created.

The word love is like that. So is awesome. Not to mention the word gospel.

What does it mean for a sermon to be genuinely gospel-centered?

In this ebook, we take a look at six important considerations.

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I Am Not the Christ: Pastoral Identity in View of the Cross

Birthed from a combination of deep theological reflection and twenty-six years of pastoral experience as an assistant pastor, lead pastor, and church planter who served in cities, suburbs, a farming community, and a small college town, I am Not the Christ is full of practical application that aims to give pastors renewed joy in their calling as ambassadors of grace by helping them tether all of life and ministry to the cross of the risen and reigning Jesus.

142 pages

"Wise, candid, and eminently readable. There is guidance here for every pastor."

- Dr. Dan Doriani, Author and Professor, Covenant Seminary

Available as an eBook and in paperback.

FREE eBOOK: Help for Pastors Who Are Feeling the Weight of Expectations
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The description “one size fits all” is rarely true.

It doesn’t work with gloves, shoes, shirts, or pants. Even caps, wristwatches, belts, and other accessories need some adjustment for a proper fit.

The same is true with pastoral ministry. This is especially important for young pastors to grasp, as there are pastoral molds into which they will be expected to conform. Sometimes, these molds are more culturally constructed than biblical, more burdensome than liberating. They’re ill-fitting clothes.

In this easy-to-read, formatted for digital reading ebook, Help for Pastors Who Are Feeling the Weight of Expectations shows us that we don't have to wear Saul's armor. The gospel paves a better way.

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FREE DOWNLOAD! The Grade Exchange

The message of the Bible turns the tables on what we think of religion. Religion says that I am blessed, forgiven and accepted by God based on my obedience and sacrifice. But the Bible teaches that I am blessed, forgiven and accepted not by my obedience and sacrifice, but because of the obedience and sacrifice of someone else who obeys and sacrifices himself in my place.

In this 8-lesson eBook with discussion guide, discover the practical implications of the radical grace that is the gospel.

23 pages

Purchase in paperback here.

FREE DOWNLOAD! The 7-Day Marriage Reboot

By design, marriage is good. By experience, marriage is hard. This is where grace makes all the difference. The entire 7-Day Marriage Reboot course is now available as an eBook that may be printed or read on any device. Discussion questions are included for couples and small groups.

47 pages

FREE DOWNLOAD | What About Works: Understanding the Relationship Between Faith and Fruit

How do faith, grace, and works relate to one another? Getting this straight is not just a matter of theological importance, but of practical importance; not just for becoming a Christian, but for living as a Christian.

If I am saved by grace alone, then what role do works play in the Christian life? If they don’t save, secure, or sustain me, why should I be at all concerned about whether there is any practical change in my life as a disciple of Jesus?

Good questions. 🙂 And only 14 pages!

FREE DOWNLOAD! Prayer: Not a Duty to Fulfill but a Gift to Enjoy

Now available in an eBook format for easy printing and viewing on any device, this new resource includes discussion questions for small groups and family discipleship.

57 pages

FREE DOWNLOAD! 8 Unique Challenges Every Ministry Marriage Will Face

8 Unique Ministry Challenges Every Ministry Marriage Will Face is now available in a take-with-you-anywhere, printable eBook that also may be read on any device. Action steps and discussion starters are included.

24 pages

FREE DOWNLOAD! Repentance and Renewal: Discover How Moral Honesty Unlocks the Door to Spiritual Vitality

Repentance and Renewal is a 15-lesson study of Psalm 5 in eBook format that not only is readable on any device but also may be printed.

The aim of this resource is to help you discover (or maybe rediscover) the spiritual power of moral honesty. Yes, it hurts more than you want, but it unlocks a door to a life of freedom and grace you've always craved.

67 pages

Facets: Seeing and Savoring the Beauty of God's Grace in Jesus

Facets takes you on a tour, exploring the cosmic dimensions of God's kindness in Jesus from before the foundations of the earth to eternity future. We will make six stops along the way, taking time to see and savor six facets of those cosmic dimensions.

  • The Beauty of Predestinating Grace
  • The Beauty of Regenerating Grace
  • The Beauty of Justifying Grace
  • The Beauty of Adopting Grace
  • The Beauty of Sanctifying Grace
  • The Beauty of Glorifying Grace

34 pages

FREE DOWNLOAD! The Bronze Serpent: Tethering Your Live to the Cross with Scripture-Based Prayer (A 30-Day Devotional Guide)

There are many books on prayer and many books centering on Bible study. My desire in this project was to join the two: the Bible and prayer. Therefore, you'll notice that each prayer is also a theological and practical reflection on a particular passage of Scripture. The goal is to let the Bible inform our conversations with God, turning prayer into a dialogue that centers on our need to live completely in dependence upon the grace of God—in view of the cross.

66 pages

FREE RESOURCE: A Three-Part Series on Repentance

The Big Difference a Small Preposition Makes

Repentance is a pivotal aspect of doctrine for followers of Jesus. A small misuse of the term, however, could mean a colossal misunderstanding for Christians. It all comes down to the use of a small preposition.

How Getting Busted is Grace in Disguise

Paul wants us to see that every human stands on the same ground as equal sinners deserving the full wrath of the law in the form of divine judgement.

This leads to a HUGE opportunity.

One of the Most Misunderstood Words in the Bible

I have taught on this subject more times than I can count and assumed I knew what I was talking about. But it was twenty years into my marriage before I discovered the shocking truth when the veil was removed with a phone call.


Available from New Growth Press!

I'm excited for churches, small groups, families, and individual believers to get access to this new resource published by New Growth Press as Serge's latest addition to their Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series.

👉 Order Here

"McKay Caston’s pastoral experience and understanding of the blessings of grace are well on display in this study."

Bryan Chapell, Pastor, Author, former President, Covenant Theological Seminary

“McKay Caston makes deep theological truths easy to understand and gives great application for believers at any stage of their spiritual walk.”

Laura Story, Grammy Award Winning Christian Singer/Songwriter

“What a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to take a deeper step into the wondrous riches of the gospel of grace!"

Jeff Norris, Senior Pastor, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

👋 Hi, I'm McKay!

After serving over twenty-six years as a local church pastor and church planter, I now teach theology and homiletics, lead the DMin program in Gospel Renewal and Pastoral Leadership, and serve as director of the church planting residency for Metro Atlanta Seminary.

I'm also a writer and content creator with a deep desire to help folks come alive to the wonder, beauty, and transforming power of God's grace by tethering all of life to the cross of the risen and reigning Jesus. ‌ ‌

I've been married to Kristy for 31 years, with whom I have three adult children, 28, 26, and 20. ‌ ‌With B.A., M.Div., D.Min., and Ph.D. degrees, I really enjoy school. 🤓

When not developing seminary courses, teaching, or writing, I enjoy being at home and exploring the mountains of north Georgia. ‌ ‌

My Passion

Three Core Doctrines

Theological Foundations

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25 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sermon This Sunday
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After almost 30 years of preaching and now teaching homiletics in seminary, I'd like to share 25 simple ways you can improve your sermon this Sunday.

Yes, this Sunday.

While these concepts and the system behind them are explained in much more detail in the PPGR Preaching System, you'll find plenty of helpful nuggets among the twenty-five described in this short ebook.

When you're ready, feel free to check out the complete preaching system.

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FREE eBook: How to Cope When People Leave the Church You Lead


FREE eBOOK: Help for Pastors Who Are Feeling the Weight of Expectations