Community Helping Place Staircase Project Information

Dr. Bob Christmas is organizing a project to benefit the Community Helping Place. Information is in his email below:

The Community Helping Place is an arm of the local ministerial association.  Our church supports it and one of our members provides medical care there.  The clinic serves the uninsured and underinsured people in Lumpkin and surrounding counties.

The Community Helping Place’s health clinic has moved across the street from where they were.  It’s a much better facility and many in Dahlonega have poured their volunteer efforts and money into making it happen.  The main thing still lacking is a set of outside stairs that will allow clients and medical persons to go safely up or down the steep slope from the main parking area to the clinic entrance.  We have agreed to build these steps for CHP.  The target week is Mon-Sat Mar 12-17.  Workdays will probably be 9 – 3, with a break for lunch.

On each of these workdates, Mar 12, 15, 16, 17, weather permitting, we will need 4-5 Creekstone volunteers at the worksite. Male or female, doesn’t matter. They need to have handyman skills or handywoman skills, but they need not have experience with deck construction. It’s fine if we have a different crew each day. Therefore, a Creekstone handyperson might volunteer for one day, for several, or for all–on an a la carte basis, so to speak.  A pair of handypeople could agree to split a workday into an AM and a PM, and pass the baton at lunchtime.  We have a sign-up sheet for those days in the lobby on Sunday.

The worksite is a rather steep hill, so volunteers should not wear smooth-soled shoes. In addition to gloves and eye protection, volunteers should bring basic tools for deck work. We will use deck screws, not nails, so the framing tool of choice is a cordless drill with star bits and a spare battery pack. Carpenters’ squares, pencils, spirit levels, extension cords, trash bags are useful. Anyone willing to bring a miter saw and/or a table saw for multiple-day use, can store it overnight in a locked weather-protected space beneath the clinic facility.  

The cost of materials was competitively bid by Moores and Home Depot.  We need to raise the entire amount, about $1400. Just makes payable to Creekstone Church, with Staircase Project in the memo line.  If you want to help us pay for this, you can put a check in the offering plate on Sunday. We need to get the money in time to purchase materials on about March 8. Maybe if five or so of us can take the plunge and give $200 each, the rest of us can contribute as we are led and able.     

Once the total donations reach $1400 we will stop receiving funds. If for some reason we are left with a small surplus we’ll give that to the operating budget of Community Helping Place.

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