Contentment Does Not Require More

This just in from my Puritan friend, Jeremiah Burroughs (via another friend, Ray Ortlund),

“My brethren, the reason why you have not got contentment in the things of the world is not because you have not got enough of them. That is not the reason. But the reason is because they are not things proportionable to that immortal soul of yours that is capable of God himself.  Many men think that when they are troubled and have not got contentment, it is because they have but a little in the world, and if they had more then they would be content. That is just as if a man were hungry, and to satisfy his craving stomach he should gape and hold open his mouth to take in the wind, and then should think that the reason why he is not satisfied is because he has not got enough of the wind.  No, the reason is because the thing is not suitable to a craving stomach.” Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment (Edinburgh, 1964), page 91.  

As the exausted deer pants for streams of water (Ps. 42:1), may we crave God himself—his goodness, beauty, grace, kindness, wisdom, holiness, power and love.


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