Dockery Lake Trail Hike with the Kids (Photos)

With the weather today being perfect for an outdoor adventure, I took the my three Caston kids on a hike on the Dockery Lake Trail, a spur of the Appalachian Trail just south of Woody Gap. Here are some memories. By the way, Ann Ferris, the budding photographer with quite the creative streak, took these photos. 

4 thoughts on “Dockery Lake Trail Hike with the Kids (Photos)

  1. Hey Debbie,Schaeffer is not taller than I am yet. But if his shoe size is any indication, he probably will shoot by me in the next year. I am really in danger of being passed by Ann Ferris. When she has heels on, we are pretty much eye to eye. I had a grandfather on one side who was 5′ 6″ and one on the other who was 6′ 6″. Looks like Ann Ferris got grandfather #2 genes.

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